Monday, November 27, 2006

motherfucking wrath

Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures


i feel it with every fiber of my being

i hate all of you bastards

the love of justice perverted to revenge and spite

the way that sounds makes my evil dick move

look at this shit

do you have any idea what this is

any idea at all

just guess you stupid prick


i am waiting

it is the grapes of wrath


i love a good sin joke as much as anybody

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures

finally a little positive feedback from you ungrateful bastards

i work my god damned hooves to the bone to bring you the good shit

and all i ever hear is repent

satan go home

satan leave this woman

i get sick and tired of that shit all the time

you try to spend an eternity with everyone on your ass blaming you for all the bad shit that you do to each other

so this makes me smile a litte demonic smile

apparently bostick thinks my posts suck

but the hairy little bastard keeps coming back for more

enemy of the state talks shit about me all the time

yet there she is once again leaving me messages aching for me to be inside her

i realize that you all feel compelled to push me away

no matter how bad you really want me

you will all do my bidding before your time is done and you will be delighted

you will thank me for the gifts that i have given

i have previously mentioned the dirty sanchez the filthy elvis the cincinnati bowtie the glass bottom boat

i didnt mention the chief joseph or the donkey punch

all mine all good naughty fun

everything naughty would you care to try to invent a few more special moves for the masses

i bet you could teach this ole demon a few new tricks

Friday, November 17, 2006


every once in a while you regret winning that fiddle playing contest

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


the deadly sin of sloth has changed in definition over time

dante referred to it as a failure to love god with all ones heart

it now just means that you are a lazy piece of shit

either way i like it

apathy ignorance and laziness

couple that with a little gluttony and you really have something

i fucking love sloth from the goonies

he takes this deadly sin and makes it adorable

he takes one of my top seven and makes it cuddly

chunk also kicks ass but that takes us back to gluttony again and we are trying to discuss sloth here motherfuckers

i command those of you whose souls i have collected to go out and commit random acts of sloth

find a sofa and sit on it

who gives a shit nobody gets hurt


sloth rocks

Thursday, November 09, 2006

satan didnt like it

satan didnt like it when you started singing

i hope he scored a little bush after this