Wednesday, July 09, 2008

of all the pissing me off things ever in the world

irony really chaps my loins

these bible thumpers just refuse to listen and i am fucking sick of it

sick of it i tell you

look at this crap in this picture

who in heaven thinks this is accurate in any respect

i do not lie

i do not deceive

i am completely upfront will all of my minions

everybody i make a deal with understands completely and beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are giving me their soul for all time and that they will be suffering excruciating tortures while i devour them a morsel at a time from here to eternity

but in exchange for that i provide them with the most sought after things here on earth

things like wealth and good looks and success in the film industry

i guess on the other hand it is probably too my advantage that the bible thumpers think i dissemble

it is probably something i cant change in any event

so back to the grind

anyone who wants to play the spurned love interest in the next edward burns film should get a message to their fiend

all it takes is thinking about it if you wondered

see you soon