Tuesday, June 19, 2007

back from the dead and back for rudy

dont get hard you fuckers

i am not at all interested in taking up again where i left off with you flickers

but i did want to come back and encourage you to support my preferred candidate for president of the united states

he is pictured below

appropriately and derisively looking to the heavens in mocking worship

the only thing this guy worships is power

pure unadulterated intoxicating power

he has wanted to be president since he was a teenager

i love guys who are old and who have wanted to be president all their lives even from starting back when they were teenagers because you know by this point theres no way they could have a whit of integrity left in them

and that just makes my job easier which i fully support

i know i will have a damn easy time getting this guy to cooperate in creating all kinds of mayhem and fostering all kinds of wickedness around the world if he gets the nod from enough of the american voters

so do your part patriots

get out there and support the mayor

do it for me

we now resume our complete and utter lack of programming